For 2016's event, Crossroads Flock Party worked with Missouri Bank and Charlie Mylie to collect inspiration from "Flockers" during the event, which Charlie later translated to an original 22x22" drawing. On First Friday September 2 we unveiled an 8x8' vinyl print of the drawing, entitled Comedy of Desires, installed on the north wall of the Mildred's parking lot. The original piece was framed and presented to Missouri Bank and the installation will stay installed at least until next year's party.

In the rapidly changing climate of the Crossroads neighborhood, we felt it important to give back by harnessing People Power to create something positive and lasting. We strongly encourage you to view the piece in person. It's visible from W 19th Street facing north.

Charlie's description of the piece is as follows.

On June 3rd 2016 at the Crossroads Flock Party, in this very spot, a blackboard with "All I Want Is __" collected chalk-written responses from anyone who wanted to contribute. This vinyl image, originally a 22" by 22" watercolor, is an interpretation of the contributed "wants" of the public. Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch, the drawing wonders if our wanting is our folly? Are we players in the Comedy of Desire? Here are what people wanted that night:

"to be original + degree! + wanderlust + a room full of pillows + to live free! + a red boat + to math + a manly unicorn + for Deep Douglas to notice me + to love + to be loved + to where I am needed most + an afterlife + flowers + to be happy + to be high all of the time + a hippy surf van + to make my parents proud + a corgi + riding a giraffe naked + to get what I want + to be wanted + to see my kids + three majestic ponies + to do something meaningful with my life + to make pizza blind-folded + a puppy and a beer + to get out of my head + cheaper education + to live life to its fullest + the ocean and some watermelon + to know what I want + a baby or two or three + to scrounge and vibe + donuts + 12 million dollars and a donut + another chance + a pet + to be a mermaid + to know I'll be okay wherever I'm going + gin soaked boi + to be the best, like no one ever was + to turn into a pillow + to see + to know the answer + to see the Royals in the World Series + to love myself + peace + to fly like Storm of the X-Men + mac 'n cheese + shiny pants + ice cream + to not want + for happiness to come natural + a sea turtle as a pet + to live everyday without care or consequences + riding giraffes to be legal + to know the universe + to live off grid + travel + a bucket of cheese + peanut butter jelly time + for Bush to admit to 9/11 + to be loved and rich!!! + shared reality + to find aliens + to get a nice, even, invisible tan + summer forever + a good dinner + money + No Donald Trump for Prez + to talk to my dad one more time + purpose + to be worthy of this promotion + a toilet made of solid gold + for my puppy to have a great life + YOLO + to be free + a good day + authenticity + bees! + an alien brain implant + my balloon"